Rising Leaders Training Program

At Nahum Heritage Foundation, We consider 8th grade the perfect time for youths to begin their leadership journey. It is at this formative stage in life that many begin to thinking deeply about profound questions of existence, like "who am i?, why am i here?" and "how ca i save th world?" The Rising Leaders Training Prigram helps in forming the foundation for them to make informed choices at this critical time. Our self-discovery assessment, Which is unique to each child, helps identify the intrinsic leadership qualities and skills they need to become an effective leader.

  • Module I - Personal goals, career and academic assessment and self-discovery road map.
  • Module II - Knowing yourself as a leader (7 Habits of Highly Teens by Sean Covey)
  • Module III - Speech and Effective Communication
  • Module IV - Project Management For Teens
  • Module V - Finance, Money Management & Life For Teens (Dave Ramsey - Generation Change)
  • Module VI - Critical Thinking, Time Management, Organization and Note Taking
  • Module VII - High School Colledge 101
  • Module VIII - Creating a Colledge Mindset (Tour to a University)
  • Module IX - Career Overview - STEM, Medicine, Entrepreneur, Art, Humanities, Law, forensic and IT.
  • Module X - Entrepreneurship and Business Overview

Young Leaders Training Program (YLTP)

Specially tailored towards 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, this program helps build confidence in youths by installing in them the leadership skills they need to pursue their dreams and life aspirations. Through a blend of classroom and hand-on life changing experiences, participants are stretched beyond their comfort zone to discover and develop their potentials.

  • Level I (9th and 10th graders)
  • Module I - Review of Personal goals, career & academics assesment and self-discovery assessment.
  • Module II - Youth leadership in the 21st century (Everyday Leadership)-Attitudes, Actions, Respect, Behaviours / anger management and conflict resolution.
  • Module III - Communication-Team Building and Volunteer/Community Awareness
  • Module IV - Project Management
  • Module V - Money Management(Practical Money Skills)
  • Module VI - Critical Thinking, Time Management, Organization and Note Taking
  • Module VII - Test taking PSAT/SAT/ACT Overview, Honour GT,AP and Colledge board SAT Subject TEST.
  • Module VIII - Colledge Awareness and Readiness.
  • Module IX - Global Capstone Project-Leadership Project.
  • Level II (11th and 12th graders)
  • Module I - Reviews-Personal goals, acedemics and career assessment.
  • Module II - Leadership-The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Steve Covey)
  • Module III - Comminication, Creativity and innovation
  • Module IV - Project Management-21st Century Skills Map-Project Management for Leaders
  • Module V - Money Management-Practical Money skills
  • Module VI - Test taking PSAT/SAT/ACT Overview, Honour GT,AP and Colledge board SAT Subject TEST.
  • Module VII - Colledge Awareness and Readiness (Financial aid, how to write essays,GPA)
  • Module VIII - Global Capstone Project

Young Entrepreneurs Training Program (YETP)

The young Entrepreneurs training program is an entry-level program targeted towards 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade youths. We introduce youths to concepts that will ignite their entrepreneur mindset and help them develope important characteristics they need to become successful entrepreneurs. participants are taught how to concieve a business idea, develop a business plan, start-up a business and manage it effectively. The program curriculum is divided into two levels and covers the modules below.

  • Level I (9th and 10th graders)
  • Module I - Who is an Entrepreneur (Characteristics of an Entrepreneur).
  • Module II - What does it take (The entrepreneurial process)
  • Module III - Can i be an Entrepreneur
  • Module IV - Business Idea / Vision / Dream
  • Module V - Business Concept
  • Module VI - Business Model
  • Module VII - Business case study
  • Module VIII - Business Plan executive summary
  • Module IX - Business Plan Capstone
  • Module X - Business Financing
  • Module XI - Starting my Business
  • Level I1 (11th and 12th graders)
  • Module I - Entrepreneur and Innovation.
  • Module II - Dreams, Vision and Business Ideas
  • Module III - introductory Foundation of Business
  • Module IV - Basic Business Concepts and processes
  • Module V - Developing your Products and services
  • Module VI - Idetifying your Customers
  • Module VII - Small Business Marketing
  • Module VIII - Management and Leadership
  • Module IX - Financing your business
  • Module X - Business Plan Frame Work

Career In Motion Training Program

The youth career in motion program is an integrated career development that blends career readiness with academic success. Using an individual learning plan (ILP) we uncover Personal career interests and connect it to educational paths. We help our youths to develop the soft shilld they need to succeed in the higher education and work places. The program curriculum is divided into two levels.

  • Level I (9th and 10th graders)
  • Module I - Career exploration for teens
  • Module II - Understanding employers expectation
  • Module III - Developing good working ethics and job readiness skills
  • Module IV - Career portfolio (Test and grades, resume, cover letter, Volunteering community service.)
  • Module V - Finding employment
  • Module VI - Understanding Job applications
  • Module VII - Basic Jod interview process
  • Module VIII - Basic workplace behaviour and character building
  • Module IX - Lifestyle/career/education
  • Module X - Diversity and inclusion
  • Level II (11th and 12th graders)
  • Module I - Opening icebreakers /career Stimulation
  • Module II - Career Goals Setting
  • Module III - Preparing to Work
  • Module IV - Communication
  • Module V - Basic life skills life style & impact on future career
  • Module VI - Entrepreneurship vs. traditional employment
  • Module VII - Finding employment
  • Module VIII - Interview and Essentials
  • Module IX - Closing and Mock Interviews Mock interviews Recap of Modules 1-9 Post-assessment Wrap-up

Young Health to Heart Program

Many leading causes of death, diseases and disability can be significantly reduced if not eliminated by practising a healthy lifestyle. The Youth Health to Heart program bringd to the heart the importance of maintaining healthy habits. The program provides learning experience in nutrition, disease prevention, healthy life skills, mental health, Safety, community health promotion and decision-making. We are Creating youth leaders who are not just prosperous in career and academic pursuit but also leading a healthy life. Check our curriculum below to learn more about the program.

  • Level I (9th and 10th graders)
  • Module I - Learning about your Health
  • Module II - Taking Responsibility of your Health
  • Module III - Physical Activity and Fitness
  • Module IV - Food and Nutrition
  • Module V - Growth and Development
  • Module VI - Presonal Health and Consumer Choices
  • Module VII - Mental and Emotional Health
  • Module VIII - Socail Health: Family and friends
  • Module IX - Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Violence
  • Module X - Understanding Communicable and non-communicable Diseases
  • Module XI - PErsonal Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Module XII - The Environment and Your Health
  • Level II (11th and 12th graders)
  • Module I - Introduction to Health and wellness
  • Module II - Human growth and development
  • Module III - Physical, mental, spiritual and social health (mind, body and spirit)
  • Module IV - Healthy life skills and relationships
  • Module V - Nutrition, sports and Physical health
  • Module VI - Disease prevention
  • Module VII - Personal health and Safety
  • Module VIII - Community health and promotion
  • Module IX - Decision-making skills
  • Module X - Interpersonal communication skills
  • Module XI - Healthy life skills and relationships

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