Nahum Heritage Foundation envisages a new generation of youth inspired and empowered to foster sustainable global change


Nahum Heritage Foundation aims to be at the forefront of leadership development by empowering youths through innovative programs that promote leadership, career development, entrepreneurship, and health education.


We believe in diversity and welcome each youth with LOVE irrespective of his/ her race, background, culture, religion, ethnicity and orientation.

Nahum Heritage Foundation (NHF) is a 501(c) tax exempt nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Maryland, United States. NHF creates opportunities for youths to develop skills and gain the experience they need to lead in the 21st century. By looking beyond the traditional subject-based learning approach, we have developed a leadership-based curriculum to empower a new generation of youths with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic world.

Since 2014, we have helped youths from diverse backgrounds develop in the areas of problem solving, creativity, innovation, dedication and the know-how to make an impact and succeed beyond the classroom. Our programs are structured to empower youths in four key areas, Education & Leadership; Health & Wellness; Career &Job Readiness as well as Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Through immersion learning workshops, proven best practices and hands-on interactive experiences, we inspire youths to be self-motivated as well as discover their potentials and forge their individual path to greatness.

We have developed our programs under the premise that there is a place for youths to lead today, against the norm that "youths are leaders of tomorrow”. Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations, corporations, government agencies and small businesses, youths have the opportunity to shadow employees and work in organizations where they apply their leadership skills. Youth also give back to their communities and make an impact as they learn the art of leadership through service.

We invite you to learn more about enrolling in one of our programs or collaborating with us. For more information, please refer to our contact page.


Our Priority:

We are well established in the four areas below which we call “The four pillars of Nahum”

Education and Leadership

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Health and Wellness

Career and Job readiness

Our approach is multidimensional and strategically implemented to address key areas of youth leadership development.

This quantitative process includes self and objective evaluations to identify a baseline for measuring future goals and improvements.

We discuss assessment outcomes with both youths and parents to identify key areas and set-up individualized personal leadership plans for each participant.

Our programs empower youth in core areas of leadership; encouraging them to develop skills and fulfill their potential.

Our process allows us to create the opportunity for youth to practice and apply their newly acquired skills through community service, volunteering and employee shadowing.

This process allows us to evaluate the impact of our programs and activity on each youth as well as identify opportunities for future growth and further room for improvement.

We celebrate each youth for their accomplishments through our certificate and awards presentation ceremony as a way of honoring them.

Registered in Maryland, United states as a 501 (c), we operate in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and its environs and also extends our support globally, especially the under-resourced countries in Africa.

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